Frequently Asked Questions

- Can you ship a matched piston set? – Yes, CT typically ships matched piston sets within 2 grams. If a matched set of pistons is not in stock, CT will contact you. This could result in delayed delivery.

- Do you give refunds? – Yes, there is a 10% restocking fee up to 90 days and 20% restocking fees after 90 days. Parts must be in original boxes, uninstalled, and in new condition. Click here for more information.

- Do CT pistons require special piston ring sets or piston pins? – No, all CT pistons use OEM designed rings and pins

- Does CT sell rings for Lycoming 0290/0435 Engines? – No, while CT does make the pistons, we do not offer 0290/0435 ring sets. J&J Air Parts is a good source for 0290/0435 ring sets.

-Does CT sell rings for Continental Engines? –  No, while CT does make the pistons, we do not offer Continental ring sets. J&J Air Parts, Aircraft Spruce, Superior Air Parts, & Colorado Air Parts are good sources for Continental ring sets.

-Are all your pistons FAA-PMA? – No, FAA-PMA pistons are listed on the Piston Spec page or indicated on the piston web page.

-Are your pistons cast of forged? – Forged, all our pistons are forged from AMS 4145 aluminum

-What is the difference between forged and cast pistons? - The biggest difference between cast and forged pistons is how they're made. Cast pistons are created by taking molten aluminum and pouring it into a mold to form the piston. Forged pistons start life as a solid piece of aluminum and are heated, then formed into shape via compressive force in a press, resulting in material that is harder, stronger, and more durable than a casting.

- Do I need to worry about piston and valve clearance with higher compression? – Yes, in most cases everything should be fine, but with every engine being a little different you should always check to make sure you have proper clearance.

- Does CT ship Internationally and what does it cost? - Yes, CT does ship Internationally. International shipping charges are calculated during order check out, or the order can be shipped on your shipping account.

-Does CT provide a Certificate of Conformance or 8130 Tag? – CT does not supply 8130 Tags but will provide a Certification of Conformity upon request.